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Presentations, Tutorials and Overviews

SMOWG (Site MOnitoring Working Group) Presentations by MKWC Staff

October 03, 2012Powerpoint Documents

April 20, 2012Powerpoint Documents

September 23, 2011Powerpoint Documents

April 08, 2011Powerpoint Documents

September 17, 2010Powerpoint Documents

April 08, 2010Powerpoint Documents

September 11, 2009Powerpoint Documents

April 02, 2009Powerpoint Documents

October 01, 2008Powerpoint Documents

April 14, 2008Powerpoint Documents

September 26, 2007Powerpoint Documents

March 16, 2007Powerpoint Documents

September 18, 2006Powerpoint Documents

March 14, 2006Powerpoint Documents

September 15, 2005Powerpoint Documents

March 29, 2005Powerpoint Documents

September 15, 2004Powerpoint Documents

March 24, 2004Powerpoint Documents

September 18, 2003Powerpoint Documents

March 26, 2003Powerpoint Documents

MK Users' Meeting by Steven Businger

October 03, 2012Documents

October 13, 2011Documents

October 01, 2009Documents

October 05, 2006Documents

September 29, 2005Documents

October 07, 2004Documents

Interpreting the forecast for adverse weather conditions - by Ryan Lyman for Gemini Daycrew (May 9, 2006)

Powerpoint document

MKWC Overview - Presentation by Ryan Lyman for Astrotalk (April 13, 2005)

Video Archive

Powerpoint document

Forecast Overview - Presentation by Ryan Lyman for Keck (December 30, 2002)

Powerpoint document

Satellite Tutorial - Presentation by Sean Daida

Powerpoint document

Extra Java movies

Stability Tutorial - Presentation by Sean Daida

Overview in HTML

Powerpoint document

WRF Overview

PDF Document